New Completions

Improve greater long-term performance with nanoActiv®

New Completion Case Study: Delaware Basin, New Mexico


20 horizontal wells were drilled in 2018-2019 in the Delaware Basin, NM (Bone Springs & Wolfcamp formations) used nanoActiv® HRT as the treatment fluid. Their results were compared to 35 nearby offset wells. The nanoActiv® HRT was injected as pre-pad pills.


  • The Red Line is the average cumulative production for the first 18 months of the 20 wells treated with nanoActiv® HRT.
  • The Black Line is the average cumulative production for the first 18 months of 35 wells NOT treated with nanoActiv® HRT.


  • For each well treated with nanoActiv® HRT, the wells produced an average of 36,500 additional barrels of oil over the 18-month post-completion period when compared to the average cumulative production of the 35 offsets.
  • Initial Production (IP) volumes did not significantly vary between the two data sets. The well performance began to diverge in month 4, showing the long-term efficacy of nanoActiv® HRT.
  • At $30 oil, the incremental revenue achieved over 18 months from completing a well with nanoActiv® would equate to an additional $1,080,000 per well.
  • Average treatment cost sample wells is $160,000. At $30/oil, estimated payout in 20 days.

A well treated with nanoActiv® HRT produced an average of 2,000 more barrels per month than a well not treated with nanoActiv® HRT.

About nanoActiv ®

nanoActiv® HRT is a well additive treatment mechanically powered by highly surface-modified nanoparticles. These particles are designed to penetrate deep into the natural fracture network and persist with long efficacy to deliver increased and sustained oil and gas production.