Frac Hit Mitigation

Combat Frac Hit effects while increasing production with nanoActiv®


Frac Hits are a growing problem in the industry. As infill drilling occurs, wells communicate, robbing pressure and significantly reducing the production of the parent well. As production from the parent well decreases (30% to 70%), the value of the well decreases, ultimately lowering the reserves booked for the well. On a larger scale if a company has 100 parent wells valued at $10 million each ($1 billion Total Value), the company could be facing a $300 million to $700 million write down as infill drilling occurs.


To mitigate the effects of Frac Hits, nanoActiv® is injected into the initial well during the re-pressurization process. While the added fluid provides the benefits of a temporary high-stress barrier near the initial well, the nanoparticles provide the benefit of significant interfacial tension (IFT) reduction, as well as wettability modification near the well-bore to create a much more favorable fluid-flow environment. 

nanoActiv® increases hydrocarbon production while mitigating fracture interactions in the parent well.


Treatment Details:

  • The 3 wells were designed as frac hit protection treatments.
  • The wells were injected with 120 barrels of nanoActiv® as smaller-volume pills throughout the initial pre-load.
  • The treatments soaked for approximately 2½ weeks during the infill well work to allow the nanoparticles to diffuse throughout the reservoir and alter the wettability of the formation to create more favorable fluid-flow conditions.

Post-Treatment Analysis

  • Prior to using nanoActiv®, the operator of the three Eagle Ford case studies stated, on average, well production was returning to only 65% Bopd. However, after the nanoActiv® treatments, the producer is seeing each of the wells continue surpass previous production rates.