Recovery Factor Solutions

Recover more volume and reduce decline curves with nanoActiv®


We are at the forefront of a paradigm shift of technical solutions increasing recovery factors. Capital markets are contracting, resulting in the need for lower cost methods to increase production, and well production and drilling rig counts are declining due to a lack of sustainable production efficiency techniques.


nanoActiv® is the recovery factor solution to combat the production challenges operators face in today’s price environment. It is a multi-spectrum treatment for vertical and horizontal wells suffering from declined production with restrictions to fluid flowing into the wellbore. Nanoparticles are pumped into existing wellbores using nitrogen or carbon dioxide to enter microscopic pore throats not accessible with sand and water. The treatment enables the recovery of hydrocarbons to be accomplished faster, more completely, and with longer efficacy than existing options on the market today.

Production companies can achieve high returns with low risk by performing nanoActiv® treatments.


Arkoma/Woodford Wells 1-2

Nitro-Lift performed a nanoActiv® HnP Treatment on two offsetting Woodford wells in 2019.

Arkoma Woodford Wells 1 & 2 were both ~2-years old when the wells were treated. Each well is a 1-mile horizontal with about 30 stages per well and both produce wet gas (approximately 6 gallons/Mcf). The wells showed a great deal of communication during the first treatment.

Economic Merits

  • Treatment Payback: 63 days
  • 1-Year IRR: 405%
  • 1-Year NPV: $235,555

Arkoma-Woodford Wells 1-2 are still performing above original volume forecasts 500+ days after treatment.