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RECOVER MORE with nanoActiv®

nanoActiv® solutions are high-efficiency intervention additives and methods—maximizing hydrocarbon production rates. nanoActiv® solutions go further, work faster, and are effective longer, enabling higher volume hydrocarbon recovery.

Enhancing Hydrocarbon Recovery

How does nanoActiv® work?

The nanoActiv® formula is injected into the formation using nitrogen, carbon dioxide or water as a carrier fluid.

As nanoActiv® moves through the reservoir, the particles mix with reservoir fluids in the pores and dislodge the previously immovable hydrocarbons by fragmenting into smaller droplets through Brownian motion.

The hydrocarbons flow to the wellbore and flow or are pumped to surface using existing equipment.



Case Study: BUDA 1 Well

Eagleford Buda 1 was an early case study performed in 2017 during the research and development phase. The well was drilled in 2011 with an initial production rate of 137 Bpd of oil and 1,392 Mcfd of gas. By 2017, 30 days prior to treatment, the well had fallen to an average of 2.1 Bpd and 30 Mcfd.

Post-treatment, the well increased oil production by 500% for 150 days.  ~900 days Post-Treatment, the well is still producing 5 Bpd and 11 Mcfd, a ~240% increase in oil production. Treatment payback was ~90 days and the to-date ROI is 342%.