purge and protect pipelines

nanoActiv® is a proven low-cost, low risk, solution to increase production on EXISTING wellbores, while reducing a producer’s environmental impact. 

Significantly increase free cash flow through increased PDP while improving EUR’s.

Reduce capital expenditure, risk, and environmental impact.

Risks of Drilling Wells

Offset well frac hit

Offset well EUR/Reserves write down

Parent-Child type curve risk

Mechanical failure

Wellbore integrity issues

Drilling and Completion execution risk

New gathering and midstream connection expenditure

Risks of nanoActiv® Treatment

Economic risk due to undertreatment

nanoActiv® particles are surface modified silicane dioxide particles measuring ~12 nanometers in diameter (about 20,000 times smaller than a grain of sand). 

Enhancing Hydrocarbon Recovery

How does nanoActiv® work?

The nanoActiv® formula is injected into the formation using nitrogen, carbon dioxide or water as a carrier fluid.

As nanoActiv® moves through the reservoir, the particles mix with reservoir fluids in the pores and dislodge the previously immovable hydrocarbons by fragmenting into smaller droplets through Brownian motion.

The hydrocarbons flow to the wellbore and flow or are pumped to surface using existing equipment.


nanoActiv® particles continue to work in treated reservoirs for years, unlike chemical or acid treatments.  nanoActiv® treatments are nondamaging and remediate skin damage.

Benefits of nanoActiv® particles:

Are mechanical in nature allowing for benefits that last for years, while also  

Reducing Inter Facial Tension (IFT), altering wettability/relative permeability, and clearing pathways/obstructions.


What nanoActiv® is NOT:

Fumed silica: which is what other enhanced oil recovery “EOR” competitors are calling a nano particle.

Basic surfactant: which uses a chemical reaction to change Inter Facial Tension.

Nano-Emulsion: No mechanical action, ONLY provides chemical reaction or fluid property modification.


nanoActiv® treatments allow producers to increase production without drilling, hence reducing carbon emissions and freshwater usage.

nanoActiv® is an organically grown silica dioxide particle  surfaced treated with a soy- based solvent.

nanoActiv® HRT particles require no hazardous material signs and can be used as an additive to compatible chemicals allowing production companies to reduce their chemical footprint.


Nitro-Lift is a privately owned Minority Business Enterprise whose owners are members of the Choctaw Tribe (MBE – NMSDC).

Nitro-Lift is a minority-owned business in the oil and gas industry and has serviced over thousands of onshore and offshore wells, thousands of miles of pipeline, and a multitude of refineries.


Treating wells with nanoActiv® will:

1) Improve the return on investment

2) Enhanced production recovery treatments can qualify for tax abatements in some states

3) Qualify for federal tax credits when liquid carbon dioxide is used

Hele-Shaw Test – Top View

Hele-Shaw Test – Side View