nanoActiv® SOLUTIONS

Achieve enhanced production, greater efficiency, and sustained performance with nanoActiv® HRT and EFT.

Hydrocarbon Recovery Technology 


nanoActiv® HRT is a well additive treatment mechanically powered by highly surface-modified nanoparticles. These particles are designed to penetrate deep into the natural fracture network and persist with long efficacy to deliver increased and sustained oil and gas production.

Enhanced Flowback Technology


nanoActiv® EFT increases profits through greater initial oil and gas production. It is a nanoparticle micellar dispersion, which uses a synergistic combination of silicon dioxide nanoparticles, a soybean extract solvent, and a blend of surfactants. nanoActiv® EFT exhibits an extremely effective primary chemical action, enhanced with the added mechanical properties of nanotechnology. nanoActiv® EFT reduces interfacial tension and exhibits wettability modification, combined with the unique effects of diffusion, disjoining pressure, fragmentation, and reduction in interfacial tension. It improves stimulation fluid interaction near the created and propped fracture faces, and throughout the entire propped fracture network—increasing initial oil and gas production.